I am Jace Gold

My dog and I

Welcome to my site! My name is Jace Gold & I am thrilled to be joining you all here as a part of DevPoint Labs Winter 2017 Course! In my spare time, you will find me playing the guitar, bass, drums, and recording songs with my friends.

I graduate from high school at Spectrum Academy Charter School in 2015 and have just completed a course in Digital Media from the Davis Technical College less than two weeks ago.

I believe that hard work, dedication, & creativity are the keys to success. Whether you are a writer, a doctor, an astronaut, or a musician, I believe that with hard work and dedication, success will follow.


Previous Expereince

My previous experience with Web Development go back to 2009 when I assisted in designing a website for Helping Orphans Worldwide, (HOW). I worked with a WordPress developer in Canada that taught me how he designed sites and allowed me to assist in designing a new website. Eventually I took full control of the site before eventually handing over the torch to a friend of my aunt (who is the founder) to focus on college.


Course Goals

My goals for this course are to become a better programmer and learn the developer mindset alongside meeting likeminded people. Ultimately I would like to start my own full stack development company. I am very excited and so grateful to be a part of this program and thrilled to meet likeminded people over the next eleven weeks! I am looking forward to learning Git, Ruby, React, and learning how to work with APIs.

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